From the Moment of Death to Eternal Life

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Elegantly composed and expertly organized; easy to read, approachable and altogether lovely. "I [propose] that the soul is the conscious existence of life. It is sparked and energized by the Spirit, integrated with the body, and, at death, when the lungs give their last breath and the blood ceases to flow, it goes into a state of sleep to await the resurrection." Beautiful!



Theme? It cannot be said better: “The Meaning of Life: The Breath of God.” Certainly the author has delved deeply into his conclusions concerning a believer’s progression from this life to the next, but these eight words seem to resonate at the heart of his message.



Every assertion is supported by pertinent and inarguable Scripture. That the author is able to cite acknowledged and distinguished figures in Christian theology, philosophy and science makes for an extraordinarily comprehensive work, despite its relative brevity.